How To Wear?

EasyPeesy Onesie

First, put your hands through the garment from the bottom up. Work for your hands through the bodysuit until you reach the collar. Extend your fingers through the collar area until you reach the expandable lap-shoulder design. This feature makes it easy to pull over your child’s head. Once the bodysuit is around the baby’s neck, remove your hands from the area and direct your attention to the sleeves. Gently pull the baby’s arms through each of the sleeves and then pull the entire garment down the baby’s body until you reach the snaps.

Kimono EasyPeesy Onesie

Dressing up the baby is easy with kimono onesie. Nothing is pulled over the baby's head. Easy to put on and take off. Simply snap and done. Its wrap-around design with snaps on the side makes it easy for diaper change especially when there are a lot of diapers changing throughout the day and night.

EasyPeesy Bodysuit

Instead of going over your baby’s head, start with their feet. Slide your child’s legs through the romper and into the leg area.  Then, just simply pull the romper up to your baby’s torso. And pull each arm through the armholes. At last, secure with snaps.