EasyPeesy: A Baby Bodysuit That Breaks The Rules

Revolutionary, no stitch, no snap crotch design. Diaper changing has never been easier.

EasyPessy Onesie

Traditional baby onesies have many stitches inside and out, which brings discomfort skin touch. This trouble does not exist on EasyPeesy, you can not find a single stitch in it. By providing this super naked feeling, it’s our way of giving sincere greetings to your newborn.

EasyPeesy Onesie
We achieved this super naked feeling through automatic dotted bonding technology, which makes the product soft and breathable. Thus, EasyPeesy is more comfortable than those made by regular sewing.
Stretching, smooth, soft, turning, lively… EasyPeesy reveals the concept of rounder contour aesthetic everywhere and brings the visual sense of soft beauty. Meanwhile, we also take comfort and safety considerations with the rounder contour on the design of the corners.
For a smooth visual experience, all garment corners were rounded, with a minimum diameter of 0.7 cm. The high precision was achieved by automatic cutting machine.
If you have a newborn, you have to change at least 8 diapers every day, accompanied by a series of actions: laying the baby flat, unbuttoning the crotch, changing the diaper, and fastening the buttons one by one. These little tiny buttons often drive us crazy.
Now, forget it! EasyPeesy has no snaps on the crotch. Every time you need to change the diaper, just tear it off and put it back on without disturbing. Monitoring becomes easy as well.

Soft and 100% Recycled fabric

We chose free-cut recycled nylon elastic fabric with automatic dotted bonding technology to “soften and ventilate” the product, and to replace stitchings.

To ensure fastness and soft touch, an external seam design to incorporate 9 combined φ=0.1 mm PUR bonding dots within 1 cm² was developed. It also reduced the thickness to just 0.03-0.1 cm (depending on fabrics).

Magical self-adhesive fabric

For your convenience, we chose the soft self-adhesive fabric to replace the buttons in the crotch and to bring soft touch for babies as well.

This easy open and close can mimic the parent’s caressing touch. Since the self-adhesive fabric is a terry weave, we used ultrasonic seal to lock the seams for bonding.


We understand raising a baby is very challenging, both physical and mental support would be helpful. Hence, every parent who has EasyPeesy can enter the co-parenting COMMUNITY by scanning the QR code on the bodysuit. We built such a platform to connect new parents and provide nurturing knowledge, wash and care tips, and events on it. Scan and explore! Being new parents should not be hard and lonely.

This platform is still being improved. At current stage, to help parents who need to put their baby down in different situations, by simply scanning the QR code with mobile phones, they can get a piece of relaxing white noise sleep music.

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