Baby Registry: The Complete Guide to Starting Your Online Baby Registry

Is a new baby joining your family? Congratulations! Preparing for a new baby can take up to nine months, but we're here to help you every step of the way.


Creating a baby registry is a fun part of preparing for a new arrival. Though exciting, a baby registry can be a lot of work for some new parents. How do you decide which of the seemingly endless baby products you actually need?


Our number one piece of advice when creating a baby registry is to keep things as straightforward as possible. Check out our comprehensive guide for a complete rundown of what should go on a baby registry.


What exactly is a baby registry?



Creating a baby registry is the modern-day equivalent of making a wish list. Baby clothes, bedding, a crib, a changing table, a high chair, a changing mat, a diaper bag, toys, and other necessities should all be included in this long list. Creating a baby registry can help you get ready for the arrival of your new child by letting others know what you need.


What is the procedure for a baby registry?



The items you choose for your baby registry should be chosen based on your individual wants and needs. Making a baby registry at Carter's is simple and convenient, so you can easily spread the word to those who want to help you celebrate the arrival of your new little one with a gift.



Registering for a baby: when to do it



You can start a baby registry whenever you're ready, but the earlier you do so, the more time your loved ones will have to shop for the items on it. Before sending out baby shower invitations, make sure you've finished setting up your registry. You can easily add new items you find during your pregnancy to your online baby registry.


When planning a family, what items should be included in a baby registry


The good times have finally begun! As you scroll down, you'll find a baby registry checklist, starting with broad categories and progressing to more specific must-haves.




  • Convertible Bassinet/Bedside Sleeper
  • Crib
  • Mattress for a child's crib
  • Comfortable seat that rocks back and forth, also called a glider
  • Folding hamper
  • Stackable containers for storing items


Furniture for Restful Sleep:


  • Protect your mattress from the elements with this waterproof cover.
  • More than one bed skirt
  • Muslin swaddling blankets (remember that draping blankets over a baby's crib are not a good idea).




  • Telemetry equipment for infants
  • Success with the Dream & Shine Sleep Aid
  • Calming Moonlight and Music Nightlight
  • Soothing Device Activated by Crying
  • Humidifier



  • Diapers (cloth or disposable) (cloth or disposable)
  • Diaper Organizer with Nightlight for the Nursery
  • Wipes
  • Baby-Grooming Towel Dispenser
  • Baby powder
  • Baby Diaper Trash Can
  • Change Mat with Waterproof Cover for Nurseries
  • Super Convenient Diaper Bag



Inflation device for breast milk (the cost of a breast pump is typically covered by insurance, so be sure to check with your provider).

Milk storage pads, nipple pads, nipple cream, a nursing pillow, and a nursing cover are all essentials for successful breastfeeding.


  • Supportive bras and a discreet nursing cover
  • Diaper covers
  • Bottles for Infants
  • Various Bottles and a Broom
  • Rack for airing out bottles
  • Formula Dispenser That's Convenient to Refill
  • Food Containers to Containment Formula
  • The Convenient and Easy to Stow Away Baby Feeding Starter Kit
  • Simple-to-Use Spoons
  • Conveniently-Sized Dishes
  • Convenient Storage Units
  • Wicking cotton Bib
  • High Chair That Allows Children to Easily Transition from Sitting to Standing



  • Swing for infants
  • A child's bouncing chair
  • Dual-Use Multi-Sport Floor Seat
  • The Grow and Play Activity Gym
  • Play Mat for Infants to Use During Tummy Time
  • Jumper that can be folded up and put away easily
  • Infant-friendly books that are gentle to the touch
  • Constructing towers with blocks
  • Tender spheres
  • Teethers and Rattles
  • Baby Gear: Musical Instruments & Activity Gyms
  • Cushion of Confidence
  • Retractable Activity Center




  • Three-Stage Smart Sling Bathtub
  • Kneeler and Elbow Protector
  • Pack of Necessities for a Soak
  • Wet Towels and Washcloths Gift Set
  • No-tears shampoo and shower gel
  • Diaper cream
  • Buckets that can be stacked and emptied
  • Basketball in the Tub
  • Toy Storage for the Tub
  • Bathtub Drain Cap
  • Tools for grooming: comb and bristle-free brush





  • Extendable Portable Baby Crib for Late Night Play
  • Baby crib fitted sheets for travel
  • Baby Soother that Can Be Taken Anywhere
  • Feeding Gear That Fits Easily in Your Bag
  • Bottle Carrying Case for Convenient Portability
  • Blanket for Baby's High Chair and Shopping Cart
  • Baby Mirror for the Car
  • Vehicle Seat Organizer
  • Transportation Interchange


infansys long sleeve onesies wearing a cute baby



Accessories for Infants:


  • Stroller
  • The base and infant car seat
  • Upholstery for Auto Seat
  • Defend Your Car's Seat with This
  • Auto Safety Belt Magnets


Taking Care of Yourself and Your Family's Health and Safety:


  • Nail clippers for infants
  • Thermometer
  • Nasal saline sprays
  • The use of a nasal aspirator (or "sucker bulb")
  • Tools for grooming: comb and bristle-free brush



  • Book of Memories for Newborns
  • Printing kit for infants
  • Picture of My First Year
  • A commemorative piggy bank
  • The Infant's First Ornament for Christmas
  • Jewelry box for storing teeth and curls
  • Age brackets every month
  • Historic throw


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